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Triumph boss goes home to Glasgow for season launch

Triumph general manager Paul Lilly revealed he was a local boy when he turned up at Triumph Glasgow to unveil the four new models for 2019 on Thursday 21 February.

After the unveiling in front of 200 motorcycle fans and Triumph enthusiasts, Lilly was invited on stage and gave his personal insight into each of the new models and what this line-up means for Triumph.

“Before I start, I just want to say I was born in Glasgow, so there is a Glasgow boy here who loves this place!

“The best thing about being in charge of Triumph for the UK and Ireland is I get to come to places like this, you are all so incredibly lucky to have a facility like this, Triumph Glasgow is just state of the art. These guys came on board with Triumph in the past few years and I’m very pleased to be able to break off from a family holiday and leave my kids at home, to come to join all you guys and enjoy these bikes.”

Giving a more general update, Lilly, pictured, left, with Triumph Glasgow MD Martin Reese, went on: “We’ve had a fabulous few years with our new modern classic range. It has been a generational change in the business, and in the past three years we’ve had not just our best-selling year ever but also our second best-selling year! So that’s a big thank you to all you guys who come out and buy these bikes from us – so with the design, style and performance, we must be doing something right! A big thank you to all the Triumph owners here tonight.”

Lilly described the 2019 models and “incredible … a massive step forward for the motorcycle industry”, revealing that his favourite was the Street Scrambler.

“The “pièce de résistance” is the Scrambler 1200. Everyone thought we were a bit mad. Our design team at the factory back in 2013/14 came out with this ‘skunk project’ which was a 1200 engine on a Scrambler frame, and everyone thought it looked really good, how can we make it go?

“The press who ride a lot of bikes, including off road bikes and everything in between have all ridden this bike and they’ve put this machine to the test … It just goes and goes and goes thanks to the long travel suspension on the front, twin rear shocks, handling, and torque … It is just phenomenal.”

The showroom at last Thursday’s model launch was packed with men and women of all ages, bikers and non-bikers alike.



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