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Video team take on the commuter challenge

Daily there are millions of people who take public transport to work, and often are happy to do so with the thought that it’s the cheapest and easiest way to commute.

Well the BikeMatters team – which specialises in two-wheel video content for Lexham Insurance – thought it would put trains and buses to the test against an easy-to-access way to get around – 125cc motorcycles.

The challenge was simple: start at the same point – the offices of Lexham Insurance next to Diss railway station – and race to the Forum in the centre of Norwich to see who arrived there quicker – but there was more going on here: the price of commuting is always increasing, and 125cc motorcycles are renowned for their frugal running costs.

Whilst Alex Strange, Lexham’s marketing and event manager, would be waiting for the train and bus, and walking the last bit to the Forum, digital marketing manager Brett Tinkley would be cutting through 22 miles of traffic on his 125cc Lexmoto motorcycle.

“We all know that trains are the quickest way to get from station to station, but is that always the quickest and most cost-effective way of getting to work and back,” asked Tinkley. “Not only will a motorcycle get you to work with a smile on your face, but it only costs around £18 to fill up the average 14 litre tank with most 125s easily achieving 80+ mpg. Of course you will have to consider costs of keeping the bike road worthy and running, but in the grand scheme of things it becomes a much more viable mode of transport.

“As for the train versus motorcycles contest, it might have seemed an easy win,” said Tinkley, “but it was a lot closer than you’d think!”

Watch the video – the “first of many” motorcycle-related videos BikeMatters plans for the coming months – here


Details from the challenge

Location start: Lexham Insurance, Gilray Road, IP22 4EU

Location end: The Forum, Norwich, NR2 1TF

125cc Motorcycle: Lexmoto LXR SE 125

Estimated fuel costs for the Motorcycle: £1.60 (from Diss to the Forum 22-mile journey).

14l fuel tank would cost around £17 to fill up, with most 125s averaging 80-120mpg.

Estimated 245.6miles to a 14l tank while bike is achieving 80mpg.


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