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Front Mudguard Beak for the Royal Enfield Himalayan

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UK Bodywork Specialist, Pyramid Plastics, have just launched a new Front Mudguard Beak for the Royal Enfield Himalayan – a product they have designed specifically for the short nosed guard of the Himalayan to give extra protection from Spray that comes up over the front of the guard onto the forks, headlight and rider.

This latest addition to the Pyramid range is manufactured from 2.5mm ABS and fits to the front mudguard of the Himalayan using either Stick Fit Pads or Push Fit Rivets – both options supplied with the part as standard.

After speaking with numerous Himalayan riders it was clear that the front side of the OEM mudguard was not long enough so Pyramid got to work on designing a part to solve the problem. This is the first forward facing Mudguard Beak that Pyramid have developed – but they will certainly be pursuing this part on other models suffering the same issue.

RRP is £22.00 for the new Front Mudguard Beak.

For more info just contact Sales on 01427 677990, email [email protected] or message via Pyramid’s Live Web Chat during their opening hours of 9/5:30pm.

You can also join Pyramid’s new Trade Website – just contact: [email protected] to get activated.

You can also view the full product range at

Tel: +44 (0)1427 677990
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