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new sp silencer range

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We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to create our new range of patented silencers that are exclusive to Lextek, and now released to all of you.

This range includes the:

  • SP4
  • SP4L
  • SP5
  • SP5L
  • SP7C
  • SP7CL
  • SP9C
  • SP9CL
  • SP11C
  • SP11CL
  • ST7

Listening to feedback from our customers has been invaluable and we thank you in helping us progress forward and ultimately producing better quality products for you and your machine.

The first thing you might notice is the new badge design. This is now thermally shielded with a metal back to protect our new flame logo, letting the classic Lextek red colouring add some serious flair to your silencer. The new sticker design now allows for cleaning to be a lot easier too – no snagging your cloth on those pesky metal edges anymore! And don’t worry these won’t be peeling off anytime soon either as they’re stuck on with the best in the business, 3M.

Remember trying to take your baffle out and losing the screw into the abyss of the tip? We felt your pain and have now developed a baffle bolt retention chamber that allows for quick and easy application & removal of the screw. This process can now easily be achieved in less than 1 minute!

The baffle itself fits snug to produce a high efficiency of decibel killing whilst still maintaining our classic deep tone that our silencers are loved for. Take the baffle out and you’re in for one hell of a treat! Depending on how much you like your neighbours, the sleeve sizes range from 200mm to 400mm, so you have the power of how much attention you want to garner.

Carbon fibre has been our most popular finish of silencer since we introduced it into our previous range. Its weight saving properties give more balance back to the rider whilst being extremely durable against the elements and stone chips. We use a 3k carbon tow with 2×2 weave that gives incredible stability through the silencer’s construction to merge performance and functionality with the irresistible carbon aesthetic.

You’ll find a premium carbon fibre tip on every silencer within this new range, leaving it up to you to choose your sleeve finish. We also created an optional extra carbon fibre hanging strap that pairs your silencer to your machine with even more understated desirability for all of you carbon-connoisseurs.

Polished stainless steel will give you that classic styling, whilst the Sandblasted stainless steel provides a titanium inspired finish that feels most at home on the track. Our tested 304-grade stainless steel is highly heat and corrosion resistant to maximise performance and longevity.

A 51mm inlet diameter is our most requested inlet size which has helped sculpt this new range, but if you’re after a 60mm inlet the ST7 has you covered. You also wanted more left-hand choices, and we listened… there’s now five extra lefties to choose from!

Don’t forget all our silencers, link pipes, and downpipes come with an industry leading lifetime warranty, including this new range. Buy with peace of mind knowing we’ll back you up for the entire lifespan of your Lextek racing career or weekend blasts on the open road. Not only that but you’ll receive free delivery on this range, with all orders placed before 3pm sent out, on its way to you, within the same day.

Competitively priced with premium build quality – we’ve stepped the game up, are you ready to step up with us? #keepitlit

Join the Lextek Dealer Network today and receive trade prices on the full range of Exhausts, Downpipes and Link Pipes, all with a lifetime warranty to bring your customers even more peace of mind.

Get in contact via our website at: or give us a call on 01395 234579.

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