Friday, July 19, 2024

In&motion airbags

In&motion has developed two new airbag systems which will be available from March through the firm’s nine partner brands, including Tucano Urbano, Ixon, RST, Furygan, Klim and Held.

The In&motion team worked with experts from the Gustave Eiffel University, analysing trauma research to develop the Essential and Performance models for their specific markets. The Essential is aimed at road and motocross riders, although it’s also suitable for the occasional track day, and provides protection to the thorax, abdomen, neck and back, whereas the Performance is predominantly for track use and covers the shoulders, ribs, neck, thorax and back. Thanks to new more flexible construction, the Essential can be inflated up to five times before requiring maintenance, and the Performance can inflate up to eight times – both better than the previous model’s three-inflation limit. No pricing details, as the systems will be incorporated into third-party garments and will not be available separately.

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