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Protection and style for every rider, every day and everywhere

Premier helmets from Parts Europe.

The correct certification of motorcycle helmets is becoming more and more important.  Although it is not mandatory at home, it should be considered when planning a motorcycle travel.

This being said: Truly suitable safety helmets are models that have been tested by the standardized UNECE regulation in Europe.

In some countries only a “suitable” and not necessarily a standard-tested helmet must be worn, but this is different – for example in Italy:  If a motorcyclist there does not wear an ECE-approved helmet, he or she quickly becomes a pedestrian.

The ideal helmet not only offers safety and could save the annual holidays, but also fulfills all other aspects that are important to motorcyclists.

An open-face, or ‘jet’ helmet is great in the summer, and the favorite of many custom, cruiser and even trail-bike riders.

The Premier JT5 is ideal for those who prefer a more modern look but still want to feel the wind around their nose. This Open Face Touring motorcycle helmet is the pinnacle of innovation and style. The jet helmet comes with the option of a shell with genuine carbon technology, which combines carbon fiber, aramid resin, and epoxy resin and ensures optimum shock absorption.

The interior, like all other Premier helmets, features a sanitized, hypoallergenic lining that is fully removable and washable for everyday comfort. Equipped with a micrometric buckle closure, a scratch-resistant transparent screen, and an integrated, retractable, smoke-colored sunshade, it seamlessly combines safety and elegance. With smart Bluetooth technology, this helmet takes urban riding to a new level. The JT5 is a lightweight yet protective choice for riders looking for both functionality and fashion.

Flip-front or modular helmets offer the advantages of an open-face, with the safety of a full-face. The special on the Legacy GT helmet in terms of certification is that they are homologated to P (full-face) and J (open-face). Put simply, it means they’re designed to be safely ridden in while either open or closed.

It’s hard to find more practical helmets: You’re unlikely to need to remove a flip-front at a petrol station, you can ask directions or chat to mates easily, and you can get a great blast of air in hot weather.

With the Premier Legacy GT Carbon, the Italian factory presents a full-face touring motorcycle helmet that combines comfort and safety in a sleek and stylish design. This helmet has been carefully crafted to offer the rider maximum protection and comfort, making it the ideal companion for your travels.

Using innovative shell molding technology, the ultra-light shells of all Premier helmets are manufactured – the integrated Air Flux System -AFS- ensures an optimum temperature in the helmet using ventilation shafts, even under extreme conditions.

The ergonomic inner lining ensures that the helmet fits securely and is made of breathable, washable materials to ensure maximum comfort. The special cheek pads made from foams of different densities are laser-microperforated and thermoformed to enhance comfort.

All Premier helmets are available through Parts Europe – register your shop now!

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