Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pyramid Tracer bits

Pyramid Plastics has added more options to its extensive range of parts for the Yamaha Tracer 9/GT. The new opaque fly screen is lower than the OE screen, which has the effects of reducing wind noise and, according to Pyramid, giving the bike a more “street” look. Initially only available in matt black for an SRP of £55, Pyramid promises more colour options to follow.
To enhance rider and machine protection from the elements Pyramid has made a new hugger and a new spray guard. These, the company claims, will significantly reduce the effect of dirt thrown up from the rear wheel. The hugger comes in matt black for an SRP of £100, while the spray guard is available in matt black, gloss black and carbon effect with prices ranging from £151.99 to £179.99.
Last but not least is the new engine plate, which provides protection for the exhaust headers and the lower engine areas. Supplied complete with bracketry and fitting kit, the SRP is £195.
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