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Skyrich Lithium Batteries

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Extra 5% Discount in September


Skyrich Batteries are Small, Lightweight & Powerful Lithium Ion Batteries designed for Motorcycles & ATVs.

We are offering an EXTRA 5% Dealer Discount for orders placed in September.

Sign up as a Skyrich Dealer here.

With over 20 years’ experience of battery technology in motorsport we understand the many factors affecting battery performance on the track, off-road and on the road and can therefore offer practical after-sales support and advice.

Skyrich lithium ion batteries use Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO?) technology, acknowledged as the safest for lithium sport batteries where shock and vibration can easily damage the battery which can lead to failure. Check out our support pages on the website here.

These batteries are generally smaller, lighter and more powerful than their equivalent lead acid models.  For example, a 4Ah lithium battery will have the equivalent cranking capability to a 10-12Ah lead acid battery.  Where our batteries are smaller than the original lead acid model we provide spacer blocks and pads to help with the installation.

One of the main benefits of the Skyrich lithium ion batteries is of course their weight.  Skyrich lithium batteries are significantly lighter than the equivalent lead acid type, even up to 6 times lighter.

For additional convenience we incorporate a Charge Indicator on the top of the batteries.

We offer free delivery for orders of 5 batteries or more and for orders placed in September we are offering an extra 5% discount when you quote ‘BDNSeptember2017’.
Please note that this offer is NOT available through our on-line shop so please contact us by ‘phone or email.

Our online shop is for retail only and does not show dealer pricing and discounts.


Skyrich Batteries
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017 9452 5474

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