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Zero Motorcycles, world leader in 100% electric motorcycles

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What if the future is already here?

No fuel. Hardly any maintenance. An enormous amount of torque and even more fun. And a government grant of 1500 pounds on all models. At the start of 2017, it is already the year of Zero Motorcycles.

With a range up to 160 miles and up to 146 Nm torque, a model range with 6 different models and a rapidly expanding global dealer network, Zero Motorcycles are not newbies. The powerful drive train, no need to shift gears and smooth acceleration make electric motorcycles beloved commuters. With the roots in California and 10 years of experience, the brand is often mentioned as the Tesla of the motorcycles.

Get in touch with Erik Huisinga at +31 72 511 2014 or email [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a Zero Motorcycles dealer.

The model line
A model line of six different 100% electric motorcycles assures that there is a suitable Zero for every rider. The Zero SR and Zero DSR as the most powerful models, both for the street and dual sport with a 7 cm higher seat. The versatile Zero S and Zero DS, also available with a smaller battery for a lighter ride and a lower price, are unstoppable and friendly at the same time. On the track or on a daily commute, the Zero FXS already made many happy riders. And the Zero FX, with its enduro capabilities, is every forester’s friend.

11 kW models
The Zero S and Zero DS are available as 11 kW models. These make it even easier to ride electric, because with the CBT license it is already possible to ride a 100% electric Zero.

Police and security are greatly benefited by Zero Motorcycles. With the ability to patrol both on and off road areas, the new police and security motorcycles offer unique advantages over internal combustion driven machines. The 100% electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly maneuverable.

Zero Motorcycles parts and accessories
Whether riders are looking for more range, faster charging, weather protection or storage space, with the parts and accessories line of Zero Motorcycles the ideal configuration is always within reach. The Power Tank adds up to 30 miles of additional range.

Visit for more information about Zero Motorcycles, the company, the products and riding electric. To apply to become a dealer, please contact Zero Motorcycles at +31 72 511 2014.



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