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Raid victim carries on after messages of support

The owner of a Liverpool rider training school came close to packing up his business after it was hit by raiders earlier this year.

Five motorcycles and keys plus some cash were taken in the break-in at Easy Rider motorcycle training on 23 February.

Owner David Black, 57, a lifelong biker from the city, told BDN that he would have shut down had it not been for the messages of support he had received on Facebook and the encouragement provided by the arrival of spring weather.

Black said the raiders appeared “serious artists”. A security door had been smashed in, the alarm disabled, and accessories and stock stolen. Four bikes have since been recovered. 

Black, who was a trainer with Easy Rider for a few years after it was formed in 1998, bought the business in 2008 and has three part-time trainers.

Full story and break-ins update in the June issue of BDN.


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